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Your best ever marketing tool

Business cards

Even in 2020 the business card is still the most cost effective piece of your marketing arsenal, here are some top tips on how to get the most out of your cards.

1. Have plenty

Always carry plenty of business cards with you, if you are going business networking you may well meet 30 people, I always give each person I meet at least two cards, one for them and one to pass onto a connection they may want to refer you to, you could end up giving away 60 or 70 cards in one meeting, don't run out and then meet your dream client. Business card printing is super cheap and often the difference in price between 250 business cards and 500 is a few pounds extra.

2. Quality

You DO judge the book by its cover, I know,as a graphic designer I have designed many books and the cover is the key to getting strong sales. Ensure your business card not only looks high quality and really does your brand and its message proud, but also that it has a quality feel too.

3. Size

The standard size for business cards in the UK is 55m/m x 85m/m. If your card is a different size it will not fit into card files and may get discarded, if it is too small it may get lost in the pile of other cards.

4. 2 sides

Business cards are two sided, maximise the selling potential of your card by using both sides, normally by having your contact detail on one side (front) and your USPs and website on the reverse.

5. Information

Your card may get put away for months until the new owner has a need for your services, they may not remember the details of the elevator pitch you gave them when you presented the cards so have what you do and your USPs on your business card to help them remember and to do the preselling for you.

6. Brand

To reinforce your brand make sure that ALL your materials match, your card should look like the designs on your roller banner, flyers, van and of course your website and social media.

7. Sales channels

If you sell to different sales channels, consider having different business cards designed for each channel to ensure your USPs and sales message fits with the market you are trying to sell into. For example if you are a photographer that does commecial work your card would look different to the one you hand out to potential wedding contacts, they don't care if you take a good product shot, they want to know you will that you will beautifully capture their big day.

8. Refresh

I change my business cards every couple of months, this works to give me a reason to give out my card again "have you got my latest card?" and means that I am in the card file again. It also allows you to tweek your USPs to see which are the most effective.

9. Templates

DON'T USE TEMPLATES ! You never know who else is going to use the same business card template as you, it may be a competitor or it may be a very inappropriate other business, I have seen examples of the same template being used for a per-school and a lady offering dubious services in a telephone box.

10. Invest

Your business cards are the most important piece of your marketing materials, they represent you and your brand, invest in having quality graphic design and printing to ensure that you leave a quality, sales focused, lasting impression with all your prospective clients.

For more information on my design services, especially my business card design services, call me on 07921265115

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